• Medical Uses Of Garcinia Cambogia

    Posted on April 7, 2013 by in Blog.

    5863650_origGarcinia Cambogia is a tree that bears fruit which has originated in Indonesia but is now common in India, other parts of Southeast Asia as well as some parts of Africa. The tree looks like that of an evergreen but has distinct sagging branches. Its fruits on the other hand are oval in shape with a size that can go from the same one as that of an orange to something as big as that of a grapefruit.

    The colour of the fruit can either be reddish, greenish or yellowish. Its physical appearance is like the ones that you can see in a pumpkin. It is known by different names depending on the country where it can be found, it is commonly known as gambooge, kodumpuli, brindleberry and malbar tamarind among the others. Its tree can be found typically in forests with wet or moist type of environment.

    The Garcinia Cambogia extract contains acid known as Hydroxycitrate (HCA) which is known to aid in suppressing a person’s appetite while at the same time helps in making sure that no new fats will form. A lot of different manufacturers of food supplements whose main purpose is to help people in shedding off the extra fats in their bodies have started using Garcinia Cambogia extract as its main ingredient. The said ingredient has been proven by different medical studies to aid in the different needs of people most especially those that require some intervention when it comes to losing weight.

    The extract is being used as one of the main ingredients in making food supplements. Below are some of its medical uses:

    • The extract contains high amounts of Vitamin C that assists in strengthening a person’s immune system
    • It has the properties that are known to suppress a person’s appetite which assists in controlling food intake
    • It is known as an important ingredient in different types of laxatives which aids in removing or killing the different types of intestinal worms in our bodies
    • It has the ability of curing different types of illness that are mostly related to our digestive system such as dysentery, gastrointestinal ailments, diarrhoea and certain types of ulcers.
    • It aids in the reduction of a certain type of cholesterol referred to as LDL
    • It helps in controlling a person’s craving for both carbohydrates and sweets

    The Garcinia Cambogia is known as the miracle fruit to a lot of people most especially those who are from Asia who have seen its different effects. Even if this is an ingredient that is derived from plants, there are still things that we need to be cautious about such as the patient’s condition as there may be some adverse reactions that can happen to a person taking this medication.

    People who have dementia-related illnesses are prohibited from taking any supplements containing this ingredient for the fear of having acetylcholine of the person in their brain. Children as well as lactating or pregnant mothers are also forbidden of the same thing. As for those who have diabetes, the ingredient may cause drop in the blood sugar making it dangerous for the patient.



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